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Lincoln, NE – Tracy Refior, Republican candidate for Lancaster County Treasurer, supports the new online scheduling test program from the State of Nebraska DMV that will now allow for appointments to be made online for license renewals and driving tests. As County Treasurer, Refior will oversee Lancaster County’s DMV offices if elected.

Local media reported on Wednesday, that the test program has come to Lincoln and may make visits to the West O Street DMV more convenient and quicker for county residents.

“It’s great to see this innovation coming from the state and I’m excited that Lincoln can be a part of the testing program. We need more innovative solutions to increase better customer service at our local DMV offices," said Refior,

“I would like to see other innovations and good policies that make it safe, easy, and convenient for citizens and companies to get their business done quickly at the DMV,” Refior said.

“We can’t go back to policies like we saw during the Covid crisis that closed the 46th Street DMV drive-thru in the middle of a pandemic and pushed handicap access to the back of the office,” he said.


Tracy Refior is the November 8, 2022, Republican candidate for Lancaster County Treasurer. As a licensed financial advisor and small business owner for the past 30 years, Tracy has helped people from all walks of life secure their 'Good Life.' He brings an extensive knowledge of property management and contracts. Tracy will provide the citizens of Lancaster County with fiscal responsibility, transparency, and integrity while defending them from the regressive policies advanced by the County Board and City Hall.

Tracy can be reached at or at (402) 540-0974.

LINCOLN, NE - Tracy Refior of Lincoln announces his candidacy for Lancaster County Treasurer. He will seek the Republican nomination at the May 10, 2022 primary election.

Refior holds a bachelor of science in political science and speech communications from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

As a licensed financial advisor for nearly 30 years, Refior has helped people from all walks of life secure their financial freedom by providing advice to clients on matters relating to investments and securities. He also owns a small business where he has acquired extensive knowledge in property management and real estate contracts.

Refior describes his ability to work with the public as his best attribute.

"I am running to restore honesty, intelligence, and integrity to the office," said Refior. "As County Treasurer, I look forward to streamlining and making your tax dollars more efficient."

As Lancaster County Treasurer, Refior will foster an environment of professionalism, transparency, and accountability. His goals include a commitment to helping Lancaster County grow and prosper as well as maintaining a positive working relationship with co-workers, county employees, and the community.

Refior will be the chief custodian of county funds and tax enforcement officer for Lancaster County as Treasurer. Among a wide range of job duties, he will be responsible for the safeguarding of all County monies, the collection of taxes, the disbursement of payment due to subdivisions, and for providing motor vehicle services to County residents.

Tracy looks forward to meeting many Lancaster County residents on the campaign trail to discuss his qualifications and listen to their concerns.

A lifelong Nebraskan, Refior and his wife Kristi reside in Lincoln.